Even though some of them are experts when it comes to crap here’s a list of some plumbers you wouldn’t want to hire to unclog that toilet of yours.

The “White House Plumbers”also known as “the plumbers” or “Nixon’s plumbers”. This was a convert white house special investigations unit formed during president Nixon’s presidency. It ‘s job was to stop the leak of classified information to the news media (i.e. the pentagon papers). Sounds legit. The members however branched into illegal activities including a little thing called Watergate.

Any plumber from ancient Rome. Plumbing in this time period was used only by the wealthy. The thing is, plumbers used lead for the piping. Lead causes all sorts of problems in the body. Dementia is one of those effects along with learning and behavior disorders. No wonder the roman empire collapsed, the lead plumbing was making them all nuts.

John Gotti. Gotti, was described as being nothing more than an “honest plumbing supply salesman” by his close friends and associates at his 1992 racketeering trial. He was discovered to be the head of the Gambino crime family. Gotti was charged with multiple accounts of murder, racketeering, extortion, and tax evasion and was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences.

Joe “the Plumber”. Talk about a load of crap. This guy gave the hard working, honest, blue collar plumber a bad name. In the 2008 presidential campaign he accused Barrack Obama of wanting to tax his small plumbing business into bankruptcy. As it turned out Joe “the plumber” didn’t pay his taxes, wasn’t licensed, and never voted. Side note for John McCain. Hitching your bid for presidency on a plumber isn’t a bad idea but like we tell our customers, check your facts before you hire a plumber.

Mario and Luigi. For those of you who are unfamiliar Mario and Luigi are from the highly popular Nintendo game Mario Brothers. There mission is to save the New York sewer system from a bevy of strange creatures including something resembling turtles, crabs and flies. Unless you are worried about sewer turtles attacking you I’d recommend staying away from these two. They’re going to keep any coins they find and really all they’re interested in is finding the princess.

*Make sure you check to see if the plumber you are about to hire actually knows what they’re doing. Hire a professional (by professional I mean licensed) to do the work right the first time so that you don’t end up paying to have something fixed twice. LeVahn Brothers Plumbing plumbers are licensed professional plumbers that will fix the problem the right way. Contact us to help you with all your plumbing issues.
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