It’s time to break out grandma’s silverware and punch bowl for that once a year meal in which you use the “fine china”. So what do you do when you open up the china cabinet and notice that your silverware looks like it just came from the sunken galley of the Titanic. No guest is going to want to eat off of a spoon that looks like you licked it off instead of washing it last Christmas. So what do you do?

The first thing you need to do is to hand wash the silver in warm soapy water. Next dry the silver completely with a clean dry towel. Then you will need to use a commercial silver polish or silver tarnish remover. If the tarnishing is very mild then a polish should take care of the problem. If the tarnishing is more extensive then you will need a tarnish remover. Make sure to read the instructions on the back of any products that you are going to use. When cleaning silver use cloth gloves, never rubber as rubber promotes tarnishing. Some good commercial products out there for restoring your silver are 3M’s Tarni-shield, Goddard’s Silver Foam, and Goddard’s Silver Polish. As always all of these products can be found at LeVahn Brothers Hardware.
To help prevent tarnish from occurring in the future make sure to follow these guidelines:
1. Clean your silver frequently. The longer silver sits the more tedious the task will be in the
2. Use a cloth when handling the silver. Natural oils on your hands as well as from baby oils and lotions will promote tarnishing on silver (don’t ask your guests to do this step, that’s just tacky).
3. Store your silver properly. Again use a cloth when putting it away. Enclose the silver in a cupboard, chest, or cabinet to prevent airborne particles from reaching it. Never keep your silver in plastic.

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