Mortons System Saver MSD27B Water Softener

What exactly is “hard water”? The term is used to describe the amount of calcium and magnesium that is in your water. While these chemicals aren’t harmful to a person’s health if consumed, hard water can have nasty effects on your plumbing fixtures and also affect the ability of your water to clean things. Soaps and detergents have a harder time lathering if the water being used is hard. Glasses and dishes are left spotty, plumbing fixtures are left with a film on them and your washing machine may have a shorter life due to the effects from a waters hardness.

If you suspect that your softener isn’t performing correctly or if you don’t have a softener and you want to find out how hard your water is you can either call your municipality, have the water tested professionally, or use a hardness test strip. Once you know that your water is hard you need to determine what softener is right for your needs. If you live in our neck of the woods in the Maple Grove Plymouth area of Minnesota I can tell you right now that if you don’t have a softener already you will need one. Morton’s salt company ( the yellow bag people) has a water softener that should fit your needs for whatever level of hardness your water is at. For the Maple Grove and Plymouth area you will most likely need the highest performing unit that Morton’s has. The unit to the left is the MSD27B unit is for a salt level of 34000 grains per gallon of water and it will accommodate a family size of up to 5+ people.

The Morton’s System Saverwater softeners offer a quality product for a decent price. The units will only use salt when needed (on demand) thus saving money on costly salt. It even has patented “look ahead” technology that learns your families usage patterns and predicts your soft water needs.  These units are one of the most efficient units in the industry for salt consumption which is ironic considering salt is what they really make their money on. With this unit an average family will use between 10 and 80 lbs of salt per month depending on water usage. It uses about as much electricity as the doorbell in your house and when regenerating will use about as much water as a load of laundry. Another benefit of the Morton’s softener units are their space saving design. Gone are the days of separate salt and brine tanks. The Morton’s system saver unit has a single tank that takes up less space.

Use a higher quality salt in your softener. Using  Morton’s system saver pellets (the yellow bag) can help remove more dirt and mineral deposit from your water. Also the pellets themselves are free from impurities found in other off brand pellets and in the crystals (blue bag). These keep your softener clean and problem free lengthening the life of your water softener.
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