If you live in Minnesota you have this problem. Snow, slush, and salt from your car gets all over your garage floor as it drips from your car. Ideally your garage floor was pitched correctly to start with so that the water flows toward the garage door but often times that’s not the case. Even if you floor is pitched correctly there will still be slush, salt and dirt that will accumulate on the garage floor.

Foam Squeegee

To get rid of the mess the best thing to do is to get yourself a good squeegee. For the money what we’ve found is that a high quality dense cell foam rubber squeegee works the best. Some of you will want to stick to your old hard rubber models but I’d give the foam rubber models a try. I’ve had both and  the foam rubber highly outperforms the old standard. The squeegee does a better job of picking up water down to the surface and it doesn’t skip and catch on the floor like the rubber models.  The foam squeegee also holds up remarkably well even though it looks like it would fall apart when you try and push a icy, slushy, wintery mix of sludge . The squeegee I own has lasted 3 seasons already and hasn’t shown any signs of wearing out .

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