Low VOC Paints

In the not so distant past if a person needed to paint an interior wall it meant that they would have to open a window or suffer through the fumes. If you live in Minnesota that meant opening a window in the middle of winter. That made painting interior walls difficult. Paint companies over the last few years have been coming out with lower and lower voc paints that make painting inside a lot less painful. Lower voc’s mean that  the fumes emitted by paint as it dries are less toxic to breath in to us humans. It also means that the paint has much less odor to deal with. All of this means that painting inside in the middle of winter is easier and much less dangerous.

What is a voc?

Voc stands for volatile organic compound. It’s a broadly used term that covers all sorts of chemicals used in everything from paint to refrigerants. Essentially it is a toxic substance that is emitted from in this case paint while it dries. It’s partly responsible for why paint smells the way it does. This doesn’t mean that an “odorless” paint has no or even low vocs. Some paints are made in such a way to mask the smell but the chemicals being emitted are still the same as normal paint. If you are worried about the amount of chemicals that you are breathing in look for paints that are low voc.

Elan paint by Valspar

Why should a person use Elan paint by valspar? The first reason is because of what I mentioned above. Elan paint has low voc’s and can be used inside with out as much worry about breathing in chemicals. Even though paint may dry to the touch within a few hours the realty is that the paint doesn’t fully cure for a couple of weeks. Yes, I said weeks. Voc’s are emitted during the entire drying process. That means that if you paint your walls with a basic higher voc paint and have the windows open for a few hours while it “dries” voc’s will still be present for the following 1-2 weeks. The other reason why you should use Elan is that it is a very high quality paint. It has superior coverage and it lays down really smooth even when using a brush. Come in to our store and look at the sample piece of trim that I painted with the Elan paint. I brushed on one coat of Elan paint over a primed piece of trim and the finished product looks as if it has been sprayed on with multiple coats. I was sold on it right then and there. I have since used it to paint all the trim and doors in my own house and the toughest critic of all, my wife, was very happy with the results.


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