Dull mower blade

 Why do you need to sharpen your mower blade? A sharp mower blade keeps lawns healthy. If you cut your grass with a dull blade the grass is beaten down and the cut is rough. Grass that is shredded by a dull blade is more susceptible to disease, insects, heat stress, herbicides, chemical burn (from fertilizers), and it requires more water to maintain growth. The grass is weakened because it is trying to repair itself form the damage you caused with the dull mower blade. 

Make sure that your mower blade remains sharp all season long. This means that you may have to sharpen it more than just once in the spring time. Check your blade for dullness regularly. You can sharpen it yourself or if you prefer to you can have it professionally done for a reasonable price (We charge $7 off the mower $14 if it’s on the mower and we do it while you wait, it takes about 5 minutes). 

Corbin sharpening a blade

 Make sure if you are sharpening it yourself that you also balance the blade. Leaving a blade unbalanced can damage your mower. (We always balance our blades here at LeVahn Brothers). 

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