What is it about consumers today that makes them believe that when something is broken you should throw it away. A person’s perception of how to solve problems with their plumbing follow the same trends throughout the retail sales industry. It’s a problem called planned obsolescence. Manufactures design their goods to be just good enough that you have faith in your purchase of their product even though they’ve made it to last only so long.  Really, it’s literally designed to fail over a certain period of time.

Look at water heaters for instance. The best natural gas water heaters out there last about 10-12 years on average.  Manufactures can make them so that they’ll last longer but they don’t. They know that if you have a heater that lasts twice as long they can only sell you 1 heater instead of 2. We have people call us all the time that want to replace their water heater with the same heater that lasted 25 years for them. The problem is heaters like that don’t exist anymore.

For faucets it’s a whole different trend. There are faucets out there sold exclusively by a certain orange “big box” store that you can’t find parts for. At least in my experience we haven’t been able to track anything down for a customer. These faucets, in my opinion, look like a nice faucet but are so poorly designed that in most cases you simply throw them away when an issue arrises.  Not only that but faucets have to deal with perceived obsolescence. In other words people think that there faucets are no good because they aren’t the newest style.

Style and trend have entered a person’s home like no other time in history. If you would have told my great-grandmother Ruby that she could have a Toilet A. that costs $125.00 and is a good quality toilet or Toilet  B. that was a decent toilet but it was a trendy color and style and costs $600 she would have called you crazy. functionality has been replaced by style. The problem with style is that it is always changing. Even though the way a toilet operates may change its function will always be the same. The most frustrating thing is that style is cyclical. Trends come back around again that you never thought you would ever see again. I mean really, who saw it coming that the neon 80’s styles would ever be cool again.

Don’t get me wrong we here at LeVahn Brothers Plumbing and Hardware will be happy to sell you whatever you want to buy, that’s how we stay in business. My point is, buy decent products and consider repairing them when they break because that chrome colored kitchen sink faucet will probably be back in style soon.

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