Clark W. Griswold’s handiwork

Every year around this time we at LeVahn Brothers Hardware and Plumbing get about a gazillion requests for the elusive double male plug. It’s a highly sought after “adapter” for people who are doing their Christmas lighting. You see what happens is that a person putting up the lights who isn’t paying attention will put the female plug end of the lights closest to the outlet instead of the other way around. That means that after about 8 hours of painstaking work (think Christmas Vacation) hanging upside down from the gutters, going up and down a ladder 100’s of times, and almost freezing your fingers off you realize that the lights you just hung won’t plug-in.

The Infamous Double Male Plug

The last thing that you are going to do is turn the whole mess around so you head to your local hardware store (LeVahn Brothers Hardware) where you know you’ll get the answer that you’re hoping for.  Unfortunately for you the answer is this: NO! Unless you have a death wish (which might be half-true due to the fact that you just spent 2 hours on an icy roof and the ladder that you use is known as the widow-maker). When you have a plug that has two ends that are male you have one end that is “hot”. That means that if you or some other unsuspecting individual grabs  a hold of the hot end, you’re cooked. Now, I know that touching a live cord doesn’t mean certain death but you really don’t want to try it.

Your only options are these: You can turn the whole mess around or you can find another outlet to use for your lights.  I can tell you from experience most people pick option 2. Get a long extension cord that is meant for outside use and connect your lights that way. DO NOT make your own double male plug. We’ve heard all the reasoning for why people need a double male. There’s no way around it, when you plug-in that double male, somewhere down the line there will be a live male prong just dangling in the wind waiting to fry something.

So keep yourself safe and don’t even toy with the thought of making one of these Christmas killers. Also, speaking from experience (the widow-maker) get yourself a new ladder, it’s worth it.

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