A Handyman's Dream Christmas Gift Package

As Christmas approaches we at LeVahn Brothers Hardware and Plumbing get more than a few requests from our customers for gift ideas. Here’s a few ideas for what to give the handyman in your life.


Weber S-310 Stainless Steel Grill (NOW $799!)

I don’t know a man (or woman) that wouldn’t love to have a shiny new stainless steel grill from Weber. This grill is built to last. It features 3 stainless steel burners, stainless steel cooking grates, and a stainless steel cover and doors. Pair this with a weber motorized rotisserie and you’ve got the perfect gift for the Emeril Lagasse in your life. BAM! Other accessories to consider:  Weber’s halogen grill lights, Weber barbecue mitt, Weber cooking tools, Weber grill brushes, Weber beer can chicken cooker, weber griddle, and a Weber Steam-N-Chips smoker with hickory wood chips.




The Dremel tool is one of those tools that you never knew you needed until you own one, then you can’t live without. They can do a number of DIY tasks around your home. They can drill, grind, cut, sand and so much more. There are a hundreds of accessories for the Dremel from extension wands and drill presses to router tables and what seems like a countless array of bits. Make sure you also check out the Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool. It has multiple heads that can be interchanged for sanding, grinding, and scraping.




This tool came out a number of years ago and because of advertising by Black and decker was virtually impossible to keep on the shelf. Now, I’m not usually  a fan of the gimmicky tools that Black and Decker puts out every year around Christmas time but I’ve used this one and it is incredibly handy. It is both a stud finder and a laser level. It makes hanging pictures, shelves or whatever else you have a snap. And if you’re like me and you just can’t handle looking at all the crooked pictures, shelves, and towel bars at your in-laws house, you can use it while their gone to correct things.


The hardware store is the ideal place for stocking stuffers. We have a countless number of little gadgets that are essential, can’t live without items for the handyman toolbox.


Gorilla Tape duct tape

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Tapes are “For the toughest jobs on Planet Earth”. It’s essentially duct tape on steroids. It is incredibly thick, strong, tacky tape. It works well in cold and wet applications and will stick to almost anything. Also look for other Gorilla items such as their line of glues which includes a multi-purpose glue, wood glue, super glue, PVC cement, and epoxy.



Stanley Tools came out with a line of handy LED flashlights that are great to have around. They have a number of different options including a series of tripod flashlights. The tripods are my personal favorites.


Okeeffe's Working Hands

Hand cream that your handyman can use and still feel masculine. Hands will dry out and crack from working out in the cold or from spending countless hours in the wood shop. It takes care of splits and cracks in your fingers and because it’s odorless you won’t go around smelling like lilacs. It’s a new product to us here at the store but I can already tell that it works. Highly recommended. We also carry “Okeeffe’s Working Feet”.


Crescent Rapid Wrench

This is a very versatile adjustable wrench. It is easily adjusted and can grab hex nuts, square nuts, and even eye bolts. It will ratchet both directions and it locks in place so that the jaws won’t slip off of what you are working on. It’s not a wrench that when you buy it you can throw every other wrench away, but it is a nice addition to the tool box.



LeVahn Brothers Hardware Coffee


I know it sounds a little crazy but we have coffee and believe it or not it’s good. We decided about 2 years ago that we wanted to have free coffee in the store for our customers to drink as they shopped. We talked about options and decided that we wanted it to be a high quality coffee and that if the customer really liked it they could buy a bag. The coffee is roasted locally when we order it so it’s fresher than the stuff you buy at the grocery store. If you don’t believe me stop in and try a cup on us.

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