An RPZ or RPZD valve is a “reduced pressure zone device”. It is a type of back-flow preventer whose purpose is to protect the water supply from contamination. Most commonly, RPZ valves are found in commercial spaces that have waters that can potentially be contaminated. They are also found in residential houses on some hot water boilers and also on irrigation systems.

The point of a RPZ is to prevent contaminants from entering back into the clean water supply. Back-flow preventers or double-check valves are often not permitted because, unlike RPZ’s, they cannot be tested to make sure that they are functioning properly. Federal, state, and local regulations require yearly RPZ testing. They also need to be rebuilt every 5 years. This helps insure proper function of the valve.

Like anything else in plumbing, RPZ valves can leak and will need to be repaired. If you have a valve that needs to be repaired you need to know the manufacturer. There are a number of different RPZ valve manufacturers and all use different parts. To have your valve tested, rebuilt or repaired call a professional, licensed plumber. You need to use specific RPZ testing equipment. This is not something that a business or home owner can do on their own.

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