Roof de-icing cables

The product highlight for the last week of January is Wrap-on roof de-icing cables.  The reality is that this is a product that should be purchased when you don’t have two feet of snow and ice on your roof but nobody thinks about it when it’s warm out. Roof de-icing cables are a device that is applied when there is no ice or snow on the roof and are used when the snow and ice are present. They are a heat cable that will melt snow and ice in your gutters and on the first few feet of roof to prevent ice dams from forming. It is not designed to totally clear a roof of snow nor is it meant for a flat roof. It works to create channels for the water to flow so that when a roof naturally thaws it has a place for water to flow. Packages range in length from 40′ to 120′ and each package comes with shingle clips to hold the cable in place and instructions for how to properly install the cable.

Ice dam prevention

This is a highly recommended product that we suggest you buy now while the image of ice dams is still fresh on you mind. If you wait until spring, summer or even fall the memory of that ice dam will fade until you have another issue next winter.

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