Roof Melt

The product highlight for the first week of February is “Roofmelt” roof de-icing tablets. This product is designed to help aid in the removal of ice dams that form on the eaves of your roof. It comes in a bucket that has approximately 60 tablets in it. You place the tablets about a foot or less apart along the backside of where the ice dam has formed. Down below is the instructions from the back of the bucket.

Roofmelt "how it works"

We have found the claim that you can “throw the tablets safely from the ground” is not the best way to do it. Unless you are a major league pitcher and can throw the tablets from the ground and have them land directly behind the ice dam with about a one foot spacing in between them, you are probably going to have to get on a ladder and place them on the roof.

The point of the roof melt is to HELP aid in the removal of the ice dam. It is not magic pixie dust that makes your ice dams disappear after one day. If used correctly it will help create a channel for the water to go and it will help loosen the ice that is already there. We’ve found that people expect instant results and that’s just not going to happen. It is a good product, that when used properly will help you get rid of your ice dams. Just don’t expect a miracle.

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