Foam Rubber Floor Squeegee

The product highlight for the second week of February is a very high quality foam rubber floor squeegee. It’s mainly used for getting water and slush out of your garage. As many of you know living in Minnesota means having to deal with a certain amount of snow during the winter. Snow accumulation causes of number of issues that  a person has to deal with on a daily basis. One of these issues is when you pull your car into your garage you bring a certain amount of  snow, ice and slush with you. This wintery mix melts, drips, drops, and plops messes all over your garage floor.

Until recently we sold a floor squeegee that was made of heavy-duty rubber. This style squeegee was always frustrating because it always seemed to skip and bounce  across the floor missing water and debris along its path. It also would warp over a short period of time. We started bringing in the foam rubber squeegees a few years ago. At first I was highly suspicious that it would do a good job or hold up to the Minnesota salt, gravel, ice, snow, slush mix that accumulated in my garage. In fact, when my rubber squeegee started warping I purchased another heavy rubber model instead of the new foam model.

I finally got talked into one after a few months of battling with the rubber model and I couldn’t have been more impressed.  The foam rubber squeegee outperforms the conventional rubber squeegee in almost every facet. It doesn’t miss anything, it removes significantly more water, it doesn’t skip and it surprisingly holds up to the salt, ice and gravel. As an added bonus they’re less expensive than the rubber models.

We sell these to people and they never go back to the old rubber style. We have customers that come from all over the metro just to buy the foam squeegee that we carry. Try one, you won’t regret it and you’ll never go back to the old style rubber model.

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