Liberty Sump Jet back up sump pump

The product highlight for the week of February 21st is the Liberty Sump Jet back up sump pump. This is a back up sump pump for emergency use during pump failure or power outages. If you have a sump pump you may want to consider a back up for when you lose power or for when your main pump fails. It’s good peace of mind to know that you’re covered in case of an emergency.

The Liberty Sump Jet is a unique back-up pump that is powered by your houses city water supply. For this reason it will not work off of a well unit during power outages.  The Sump Jet removes two gallons of water from the basket for every one gallon of water supplied. It is superior to battery back up units because of the fact that it never has to have a very expensive battery replaced. It also won’t quit working after 4-6 hours of running like a battery back-up unit does. If you have prolonged power outage or if you can’t make it to a store for a day or more you don’t need to worry about this back up pump quitting.

The only issue involved in adding a Liberty Sump Jet unit is the fact that you need to have 3/4″ water line with a back flow preventer run to the unit. If your handy enough you can do this yourself but in most cases a person would want a professional licensed plumber do the work.

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