Adult Boxelder bug

Box elder bugs are a nuisance bug that are completely harmless beyond the icky factor. They are a bug that doesn’t do any harm to you or your home but most people including myself don’t like to live with the bugs. Box elder bugs start showing up in the spring having hatched from their winter hiding spots.  They emit an odor that attracts other boxelders to the spot and in no time they can cover the warm southerly facing side of your home. Boxelders are prolific breeders (just watch them for 5 seconds and you’ll know what I mean). They lay eggs on and in your windows and siding and in  few weeks you’ll see thousands of tiny red bugs swarming all over your walls (like the picture below).

newly hatched box elder bugs

In the fall box elders will again swarm the southerly facing walls of your home in preparation for winter. They’re looking for a warm place to spend the winter and if they’re on your house it means they’ve found their spot. If you don’t want them covering your house in the spring or getting into your house during the winter months I suggest taking care of them in the fall.

The best poison to use is a residual bug insecticide like Bug Max 365. You can apply this to the outside of your home where you see the box elder bugs. Spray the siding directly with the insecticide  focusing on the foundation. Make sure to get all cracks and crevices because you don’t want them making your home into their home. You may also want to consider sealing up those cracks you find with caulking to prevent any unwanted guests. With a residual insecticide you do not have to spray the bugs directly. The insecticide will continue to kill the bugs day after day until the insecticide finally wears off. On my house we would spray the house above the deck and have to sweep up giant piles of dead box elders daily. There are other residual insecticides out there but based on my experience this one seemed to work the best.

Bug Max 365

Box elder bugs get they names from, you guessed it, Box elder trees. If you have a severe problem and hate the idea of using insecticides you could remove any box elder trees that are nearby. Please make sure to only remove trees that are actually on your property. We don’t want to be responsible for any fights or legal action from your neighbors.

Another non-poisonous ways to get rid of box elder bugs is to use a shop-vac to suck them up. They stink when you squish them and remember that they emit an odor that attracts other bugs so do you best not to smash them up. Suck them up, bag them and throw them away.

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