I’ve come up with the greatest list of Christmas gift ideas ever assembled.  Or at the very least, it’s the best list that I have ever assembled. The following products are all items that we carry at our store (of course) but feel free to buy them from any other locally owned brick and mortar location near you. Please support the people in your own community, it’s what keeps our economy going. Now that I have that off my chest I can get off of my soapbox and move on to the goods.

First off is a line of flashlights from a company called Nebo. We have a number of different products that we carry from them and we have been very impressed with the quality and performance of all of them. The cream of the crop is the “Redline Select” LED flashlight. This flashlight is amazing. Its features: 310 lumens, adjustable spot/flood settings, power save 50% and 10% modes, S.O.S. mode, and defense strobe mode. It also has a magnetic base and a belt clip. This flashlight is intense. In spot light mode it can be seen 200+ yards away. We’ve had this flashlight and its little brother at our store for about 6 months and my favorite part about carrying it has been customers reaction to it. I try to warn people about how bright it is and without fail every single one of them shine it in their eyes and temporarily blind themselves. I try to hold back saying “I told you so” as they try to recover while swearing and rubbing their eyes, but it slips out every time.

The next products are a line of products from Leatherman Tools. Leatherman is the creme dela creme of multi-tools. They offer a pretty extensive line of options that meet a huge variety of needs. We carry the Surge, the Kick, the Sidekick and the Blast. They vary in price based on the amount of tools they slap on the classic needle nose body. I love my Leatherman. I can’t recall what variety it was but I’m pretty sure that when I bought it there wasn’t the options that they have available today. I’ve had mine for 18 years now and it still works exceptionally well. I just wish that it would break so that I would have an excuse to buy a new model.

Another exceptional new tool is the Turbo Pro Knife by Olympia Tools. We have seen a number of variations of the classic box cutter come and go but this one is far and away the best. What makes this knife so great is how you load and unload blades. They have made it so easy that you will never want to go back to the old way of doing things.  The gist of it is that the blades auto load. You press a release button, pull out the old blade, then slide the trigger back and it automatically reloads another blade in its place. Here is a link to a video that better shows how it works: http://youtu.be/0F_AwPbdSfc.

For the woodworkers and grease monkeys out there the next product is a must. O’keeffe’s Working Hands and it’s cousin Healthy Feet are a working mans new best friend. We started carrying this product a few years back and I was excited that I could finally take care of my bloody, painful, splitting finger tips without using my wife’s stinky aromatic lotion. I could moisturize without worrying about my manhood. The best part is…. it REALLY works! Try it and you’ll be a believer too.

Also for the woodworker, weekend warrior, and all around do-it-yourselfer is the line of rotary tools by Dremel. Dremel has an extensive line of gadgets, gizmos, and attachments that make their rotary tools incredibly diverse. They grind, they sand, they cut they slice, they dice. Dremel has also added a line of oscillating tools called Multimax. These are great for removing grout, cutting pipe,  pulling up carpet and more. If you are looking for a tool for that guy that has everything this is the tool for you.

Lastly, are a group of items that are for the kid in all of us. It’s a group of toys that have stood the test of time. They require imagination and even a little bit of motor skills. They help us to recall our childhoods and remind us of a simpler time before the invention of the iPad. First off is the rubber band gun. My brothers and I each had one as a child that was made by my great-uncle Morris. These aren’t nearly as nice as uncle Morris’ but they’re pretty close. Next is the Balsa Glider. Who didn’t have one of these as a child? The best part of the balsa glider is the fact that they cost $2.00! That means kids can find awesome and destructive ways to obliterate them (think bottle rockets) and it won’t cost much to replace it.  Lastly is the Take-Along Tool box by Melissa and Doug. This is a classic all wood toy. That’s right, believe it or not toys can be made out of a material besides plastic. It is a tool box that contains, nuts, bolts, nails, a hammer and a wrench all made out of wood. Josey, my 4-year-old girl, still plays with hers and she’s had it for 2 years. When you think about it that’s pretty impressive considering the amount of toys that little girl possesses.

All of these products can be purchased at our store but like I said earlier if you don’t buy it from us buy it at a locally owned brick and mortar establishment (that’s just fancy talk for an actual store and not online). Support those people who actually live in your community this Holiday season. We could all use a pick-me-up.

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