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Maple Grove plumbing company celebrates 90 years

Here’s a story about our stores 90th anniversary that was in February. We got our plumbing license from the city of Minneapolis on February 13th, 1923. We’ve done plumbing at: the University of Minnesota’s presidents house, TCF Bank Stadium, the artist that formerly called himself  the artist formerly known as Prince’s house, Minnesota Supreme Court Justice and NFL hall of famer Allen Page’s house, Tennant Company, Northwestern College, and hundred’s of other residential and commercial plumbing sites. It’s been quite a ride.

They say that only 30% of family business’ survive into the second generation, 12% are able to make it to the third generation, and only 3% make it to the fourth generation. We are on generation #4 and we don’t plan on giving up anytime soon.

Business Matters: Maple Grove company celebrates 90 years.


LeVahn Brothers Hardware Celebrates 90 Years | community businesses | Maple Grove Magazine

LeVahn Brothers Plumbing's original plumbing license from 1923

LeVahn Brothers Plumbing’s original Plumbing license from 1923

The Maple Grove landmark turns 90 this month.


“Get in, get help, get it done,” is the door sign that greets you when you walk into LeVahn Brothers Hardware. But the friendliness doesn’t stop there: Once you step into the store, you’re greeted by a smile and a kind, “Hi, how can I help you?”

This family owned establishment was started by brothers Arthur, Ernie and Ed LeVahn in 1923. The business thrived there until 1994, when it moved from its original North Minneapolis location into Maple Grove. There store is owned by Loren LeVahn and managed by his son, Andrew LeVahn. The store is celebrating its 90th anniversary this month.

The Original LeVahn Brothers Plumbers

The original LeVahn Brothers Oscar, Ed, and my Great Grandfather Art

They rent and repair, size and cut, sharpen and test—but that isn’t all they do. Their extensive plumbing knowledge, combined with the vast amount of plumbing parts they stock, is but one reason that several stores, including Lowe’s, send their customers to them.

Another unique aspect of the business is their popular blog, which brings inquiries from all over the country. This-easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide is written from experience, and gives customers all kinds of informative tips and tricks. Andrew LeVahn says he tries to post about things that are relevant to the time of year, as well as issues he has heard customers discussing. The blog is filled with pictures, recommendations and product highlights.

What it comes down to, though, are the customers, the LeVahn’s say. “We have very, very regular customers,” says Andrew. When a customer walks in, they try to take them to the item they are looking for, instead of just directing them to an aisle. Andrew says they have customers who tell them, “‘I don’t know what I would if you guys ever went out of business.’” He says he usually replies in kind: “‘We don’t know what we would do if we went out of business.’”

Their attitude is to try to do as much as they can for the customer, he says. Their biggest strengths are their longevity, knowledge and professionalism, Andrew says. They try to be as honest and professional as possible—meaning they do jobs right the first time and don’t charge their customers just to charge them. If it’s not broken, they won’t fix it—and furthermore, if they can help you fix it yourself, they will try their best to do so.

1923 Plumbing registration card from the city of Minneapolis

1923 Plumbing registration card from the city of Minneapolis

“We do work from restaurants, industrial buildings, universities to fixing the faucet at the person’s house down the road,” says Andrew.  Some eclectic jobs have included some work at Prince’s house and servicing Eastcliff, the President of University of Minnesota’s home.

LeVahn Brothers Hardware Celebrates 90 Years | community businesses | Maple Grove Magazine.

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Bathroom Remodel

Before Picture of Bathroom

LeVahn Brothers Plumbing recently helped on a bathroom remodel for a customer in Minneapolis for general contractor Sawdust Memories. Here are a few images of the job and what Sawdust Memories had to say about the project.

via Sawdust Memories website:

Bath Remodel, Minneapolis:

“How very lucky to find new customers that not only open their arms and house to your dog but share books and music as well. We pushed out the back wall of the tub in order to accommodate a new wider whirlpool style tub. Adom Kruger custom built a perfect cabinet. Dave Ivers did his usual magic with tile and Stafford Electric and Levahn Bros plumbing came through in their usual professional ways. ”

via Interiors.

Here’s a few shots of a bathroom remodel job in Minneapolis that we did in partnership with general contractor Sawdust memories.

Bathroom Demo

Bathtub /Shower before picture

Bathtub/shower after

Bathroom After

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Spring Bird Feeding Tips

Bird feeder

Spring is a great time to establish or re-establish your bird feeding station. During the spring you have the return of birds that have been away for the winter. You’re feeder is also going to get a lot of migrating birds that are just passing through that you wouldn’t normally see in our area. If you haven’t been seeing many birds there are a few things to consider.

The first thing you need to do is to check your feeders. Are they clean? If you have old, wet, moldy seed your birds are not going to eat it. Clean out your bird feeder with a anti-bacterial soap or a mild bleach solution. Use a tube brush to clean out your tube feeder. Make sure they are thoroughly dry before you refill them. You also need to clean up any seed piles that are on the ground. These can become a real source of disease as well as being an eyesore under your feeder.

Tube bird feeder brush

The same needs to be done for bird houses and bird baths. Make sure they are clean and are in good working order. Make sure that bird houses  haven’t become mouse hotels over the winter. Repair any damage caused by winter and/or rodents. If the feeder, bird house or bird bath is too damaged you should replace it.

Offer a variety of seeds in different feeders. This will allow birds that can dominate a feed station, such as Grackles, a spot to eat as well as having an option for other birds. Try putting out nyjer thistle or safflower seed to attract cardinals, chickadees, finches and titmice.

Black Capped Chickadee

Offer a fruit option such as orange and apple slices, raisins, and grapes for migrating Orioles and other fruit-eating birds.

Put out nesting materials for birds. This can be as simple as pet hair, or yarn. You can also purchase all natural bird nesting material that can be hung near your feeding station.

All natural bird nesting material

Offer mealworms for insect-eating birds. Spring (especially in Minnesota) can be very unpredictable for insects and a sudden cold spell can keep insects from appearing. Offering mealworms is a good supplement for birds such as orioles, warblers, and tanagers that are looking for insects.

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What to do for a frozen sump pump discharge line

Frozen Sump Pump Discharge Line

Sump pumps are a necessity in our area of Minnesota. Besides the ground being clay, we have developments all around us that were placed on top of back-filled swamps and marsh land. Residents of this area have their sump pumps run year round. Because the pumps run year round that creates issues when the temps are below freezing. If your sump pump seems to be running continuously it could mean one of two things: either your back flow check valve is failing or your discharge line is frozen.

Sump pump discharge lines can freeze causing the sump pump to run continuously, eventually burning up the pumps motor. It also means if the water has nowhere to go the sump pump basket may overflow flooding your basement.

A person can do a few different things to prevent this from happening. Often times the sump pump is hard piped from the sump pump to the outside of the house. Once the pipe is outside however it is often then attached to  flexible sump pump discharge tubing. This flexible discharge line should be removed in the fall so that it doesn’t freeze up. The problem with doing this is that if the sump pump needs to run in the winter it will be discharged right next to the house instead of away from the home. When that happens it is likely that the water that you just pumped out of the basement will make its way back to the basement again.  A homeowner should have a couple flexible discharge lines on hand so that if you have a period of heavy sump use you can throw a flex line on to get the water away from the house. Then, if and when the line freezes up, you can detach that line and put your other spare flex line on.

We do not recommend directing the water into a floor drain or laundry tub inside the house. This is considered an illegal hook-up of the sump discharge. However in an emergency situation this is an option.

Another option would be to use some kind of heat cable on the discharge line. You would only do this if your discharge line is hard piped with PVC. This is not something we recommend if you are using the thin flexible discharge line. You could use a roof and gutter de-icing cable and run it through the discharge line and plug it in as needed. DO NOT use pipe heat tape. Pipe heat tape is meant to be used on the outside of the pipe in indoor applications only and is not to be exposed to the elements.

De-Icing cable

It’s good practice to periodically check your sump basket to make sure that your pump is working properly. If you have a flex line on the sump make sure that it is free and clear of debris, snow, and ice during the cold winter months. You may also want to make sure that it is not discharging water that will freeze and create dangerously icy conditions in a spot that could cause you trouble. In other words don’t allow your sump pump to discharge massive quantities of water onto your sidewalk and driveway.

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Product Highlight: Liberty back-up sump pump

Liberty Sump Jet back up sump pump

The product highlight for the week of February 21st is the Liberty Sump Jet back up sump pump. This is a back up sump pump for emergency use during pump failure or power outages. If you have a sump pump you may want to consider a back up for when you lose power or for when your main pump fails. It’s good peace of mind to know that you’re covered in case of an emergency.

The Liberty Sump Jet is a unique back-up pump that is powered by your houses city water supply. For this reason it will not work off of a well unit during power outages.  The Sump Jet removes two gallons of water from the basket for every one gallon of water supplied. It is superior to battery back up units because of the fact that it never has to have a very expensive battery replaced. It also won’t quit working after 4-6 hours of running like a battery back-up unit does. If you have prolonged power outage or if you can’t make it to a store for a day or more you don’t need to worry about this back up pump quitting.

The only issue involved in adding a Liberty Sump Jet unit is the fact that you need to have 3/4″ water line with a back flow preventer run to the unit. If your handy enough you can do this yourself but in most cases a person would want a professional licensed plumber do the work.

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Product Highlight: Toro Power Shovel

Toro Power Shovel

The Product Highlight for the last week of 2010 is the Toro Power Shovel. It features a telescoping handle, 12″ clearing width, and can throw snow up to 20 feet. It is the perfect tool for decks, porches, stairs, sidewalks or small driveways. It is electrically powered so there is no gas or oil. You plug-in an extension cord and off you go. It is very lightweight and easy to use.

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